What’s normal anyway?

My song of the day is Miguel “what’s normal anyway” — is the new normal really new??

Has anyone else been wondering what the hell have we been doing on earth & maybe this New Normal should‘ve been the old normal? Like why couldn’t we have been started to care more about our immune system and washing our hands? Why are some of us just now taking herbal supplements & eating healthier? Why are we just now giving the earth a chance to breathe? It’s better late than never but once this all passes how long before things go back to the way they were? Back to not washing your hands & caring about your immune system? How can we prevent history from repeating itself.

Since I’ve been in quarantine, I’ve realized how much I’m NOT DOING—- in a good way. I’m not pressed to go anywhere or to keep up with the latest trend. The first 2 weeks I started out wanting to create a bunch of content for my brands but even that gets old after a while. At this point, everyone is doing the same things (tiktok videos, challenges, webinars etc) What else can I be doing in this time to better myself? What I haven’t been doing is actually appreciating this time enough. I’m a full time entrepreneur however my customers are still normal as of now. This quarantine actually helped boost my sales for my social media marketing webinar on 4.11 which is always a plus but what happens after that? Nobody really knows when life will go back to normal so all we can really do it wait and see. I’ve learned to stop trying to predict the future & embrace the NOW. Right now I have a roof over my head, a healthy family, food to eat, WiFi, a backyard, & an amazing support system if I ever needed help. I’m aware my situation is not the same for everyone which is why I wanted to start this “New Normal“ thread to see where everyone’s head is at. In times like these, a different perspective is always helpful. This is not all bad. One thing that this has helped me with is my skin care regime💛 i also feel a sense of relief—with my brand being centered around getting dressed, I honestly don’t have to at the moment if I don’t want to. This is a time for me to better connect with my audience vs. giving them inspiration 🧡 my advice to everyone is to be in the now. Yes the news is helpful but watching it every second of the day can be harmful to your mental health. I have also found that developing a schedule has made my days go by smoother without me wishing I could go somewhere. Not only that but meal prepping has helped me not over eat lol!! how is your new normal? Comment below .


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