Turmeric Tonic Recipe

Living a healthy lifestyle can sometimes be overwhelming especially if you are use to someone else preparing your meals/juice/smoothies for you. I know there are a lot of things on the internet that can make you feel like you aren’t doing enough when it comes to your health but honestly, ALL OF THIS IS SO EASY. Everything you need to be healthy comes straight from the earth. In my opinion, its best to make your own mixes; find what Ingredients works best for you. Immunity is my focus since we are in the middle of a pandemic which is why my drink of choice today was a turmeric tonic 🧡

here is a list of what I used

  1. Navel Oranges

  2. key limes

  3. ginger root

  4. turmeric

  5. black pepper

  6. manuka honey

  7. celery

  8. raspberry

  9. sparkling water

The Juicer I used is by Hamilton Beach & can be found in Target for $59 (see photo below). There are better juicers available, however I’m on a budget

I personally prefer to juice each item separately, then create my own drink based off my preferences. Here are the benefits of each ingredient

  • turmeric: contains curcumin which is great for anti-inflammation & a strong antioxidant. it can also help prevent heart disease, treat/prevent some cancers, Alzheimer's Disease, arthritis, depression, & delay aging. No wonder this is used in so many cultural foods especially curry!

  • black pepper: boosts the curcumin in the turmeric

  • navel oranges: high in vitamin C, promotes a healthy immune system, Prevents skin damage, Keeps blood pressure under check, Lowers cholesterol, Controls blood sugar level, Lowers the risk of cancer & helps alkalize the body

  • key lime: great for skincare, aids in digestion, fights infections, weight loss, manages blood sugar, relieves inflammation, anticancer, prevents kidney stones, boosts immunity, heals peptic ulcer, alleviates fever, hair care, boosts women’s health

  • celery: drink the juice on an empty stomach by itself (this is why I juice everything separately 💗) contains vitamins A, K, & C; fights infections & prevents liver disease for all my alcoholics🥴— celery also helps stop inflammation

  • ginger: anti inflammator, helps digestion, fights flu/cold, prevent heart disease, lower your risk for cancer, pain relief (I’ve been having random headache)

  • raspberries: anti aging, fiber, fights against cancer

  • manuka honey: promotes oral health, soothes sore throat, improve digestion, treats acne, cystic fibrosis

  • the sparkling water was added only to make me feel fancy lol! You can drink with or without the water. For daily doses/shots, don’t add water

I didn’t measure my portions because I’m more of a eye baller however you can mix based on your preference 🌱 this can also be used to cure a hangover 🥴

Sn: the Manuka honey is not necessary

Write down your favorite fruits then add the extra ingredients needed to create your daily drink 🧡 for best results, purchase your ingredients from your local farmers market


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