Tardy to 2021

Today is my 2nd day without instagram and honestly, my main focus is STILL ME. I woke up and had a glass full of my homemade fruit & ginger juice WITH A LARGE CHIC FIL A WAFFLE FRY! Yup! how unhealthy but it’s what I wanted 🤣

I am currently rewatching American Horror story “Apocalypse“ because I love finding the little details that I might’ve missed the first time 🙌🏾💗

If you’re open minded like me, you will LOVE IT.

“There’s no excuse for tardiness when there’s nothing else to do” is a quote from episode one of Apocalypse once they were all in the bunker being told their roles & it made my ears start ringing ....I took it as a message. We are all in quarantine for a reason whether we want to admit it or not. We should all be held accountable for how our lives will turn out in the year 2021. This is the perfect opportunity for creative brainstorming & inner work/self healing. There is no excuse for tardiness when there is nothing else to do; there is no more partying, no more traveling, no more wasting money because we see everyone else doing it, but we do see everyone else brainstorming and finding more ways to survive other than what used to be. Right now I am spending my time for self-care because I have already began my creative brainstorming. A lot of people like to sugarcoat what the world will actually become in the future, but no one can deny that we are not to sit in the house and do absolutely nothing otherwise we will show up to 2021 tardy.

And I know what you’re thinking, “how can she tell us what to do knowing that we are all going through a hard time right now”; all that I am trying to get everyone to realize is that yes it is OK to take time for yourself but do not get stuck with just yourself. Take this year to not focus on what you miss but to Embrace what you have now. When you’re constantly thinking about what you miss doing or where you miss going you are living in the past. When you live in the now, you are setting yourself up to create a better future. Living in the now consist of self care whatever that might require of you, thinking about today and not tomorrow or yesterday, and also being thankful and showing gratitude daily for where you are in life because always remember it could always be worse.

Mental health is something that should be monitored during these trying times however becoming consumed in your feelings will only make your reality 10 times whatever you are feeling So choose to vibrate higher. Happiness is a choice, if you’re not happy without Wi-Fi and no furniture then what makes you think you will be satisfied with it when you get it? You will end up wanting SOMETHING BETTER & MORE FULFILLING EVERYTIME. But if you can find happiness with no Wi-Fi and no furniture you will attract even more with little to no effort. That attitude is exactly how I’m treating this Quarantine. I might not have any nightlife, or any shopping spree‘s, or any dates to go on, but when lockdown is over I will attract everything I want and more because I am happy in quarantine. I am shopping in my own closet, I am taking myself on mini dates in the kitchen, I am creating my own nightlife right here in my living room.


will you be tardy to 2021?


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