Social media distancing

Who else wakes up every morning and reaches right for their phone?

I’m one of those people .

Since lockdown I’ve merged all of my businesses to online & into a series of webinars mainly to keep me in my creative bag. I won’t allow what’s going on in the world to stop what’s going on in my mind and everything that has come to my mind lately has been nothing but creative ideas

so with my sudden epiphanies, I KEEP GOING & GOING & GOING but sometimes you have to stop. April 24th 2020 I decided to fast from social media (IG, TWITTER, FB). I saw myself waking up every morning either answering dms, creating content for all 4 of my brands, and still helping people outside of social media all while still being a full time single mom. Then my next epiphany hit me: if I keep pouring into others without recharging, then I will be left empty

Since quarantine, I have been doing nothing less than putting myself out there to attract my tribe. Some people got inspired, some people got offended; either way I poured into them one way or the other. I triggered atleast 2 emotions in them which is all an energy exchange. This blog is to let you know that it’s okay to take a break whether it be your workout routine, your diet, your strict schedule, etc. Make time FOR YOU. Saying NO to people is making time for you; everyday I get atleast 10 people asking how can we work together or a business proposition—-RIGHT NOW, THE ANSWER IS NO.

all I want to do now is SLEEP, eat junk food, do activities with my son, binge watch all of the shows I have missed and tell more people NO!

Self care is not always butterflies, spa days & meditation, sometimes it’s just doing absolutely nothing. I’m learning to pour with care when it comes to social media because people don’t see the work that goes on behind the scenes. All they see is the dope content & the great ideas. I always get people who ask me to post more LOOKS— damn it I don’t want to lol

So far —today being my first day off of social media, I did absolutely nothing but catch up on “little fires everywhere” & cried my eyes out. SERIOUSLY!! I was so moved by that series because a part of me understood each point of view. I won’t spoil the details but definitely watch that series!!

Comment below what shows you all are watching so I can try and tune in


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