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Updated: Mar 27, 2020

WOW! I’m finally creating my first official blog post as a “blogger”. I never would have thought i’d even be taking my thrift adventures this far but yet, HERE I AM. I’ve been in a long term committed relationship with fashion since I was thirteen years old; I was a tomboy up until about 8th grade... that’s when I sold all of my video games to GameStop in exchange for money— I’m sure you can guess what I did with it — yup I bought clothes LOL.

At first it started out with me just wanting to be “girly” for once, then I realized that I actually liked putting things together. At thirteen, I was not aware of thrifting. I was stuck on labels which at the time was Rocawear, Baby phat, azzure, parasuco’s& Lot29 — Dang I’m Old! — FAST FORWARD TO HIGHSCHOOL. My 9th grade year I was still kind of stuck in my 8th grade fashion sense. It wasn’t until 10th grade (age fifteen) that really made me start thrifting. My 10th grade year was when the 80’s, fresh prince of Belair style was in and BOY did I over do it LOL!

Thirteen years ago i fell in love with thrifting & my life hasn’t been the same since. I think I had every color on EVERY DAY for a year. My eyes hurt just thinking about the kind of outfits I would wear; but in the mist of all my crazy looks is where I fell IN LOVE with fashion. Fashion really has No limits so everyday I could come up with a new look to match my mood. I even remember when I thought I was a rockstar and wore chains & checkers everyday LMFAO. The craziest part about all of my looks was that no matter how wild or weird they looked, everyone would seem to like it. Looking back, the outfits were hideous but every now and again I wish I would have kept all 12 of my Ed Hardy shirts that my mom bought me one year. I sometimes wonder if I will come across them one day in a thrift store and get excited all over again.

My eleventh grade year I sort of calmed down. Rihanna had just became a hot commodity so all of my looks channeled her to an extent. The “Good Girl Gone Bad” played a huge role in my fashion transformation; add my thriftNtell apple playlist inspired by music that triggers the right side of my brain (

I did everything except chop my hair off. If I’m not mistaken, i had so many clothes in 11th grade that it took me 5 months to repeat an outfit —nothing to brag about because my repeat game is Elite these days! If i could get all the money i spent on clothes just from my 11th grade year in high school alone, I’d be a happy camper. My favorite stores back then were Delia’s, Up Against The Wall, Arden B, Bakers Shoes, Karmaloop & Forever 21. Man i miss those stores, they bring back so many good memories of the good ol’ days before social media was as influential as it is today.

My senior year I didn’t thrift as much, however i was still a shopaholic. My style changed every year & my senior year i wore heels almost everyday — for what?? I have no idea. C/o 09 Best dressed defintely wasn’t worth it so I’m still trying to figure that one out lol —I didn’t realize it then but highschool was the start of something great. I was able to experience the different phases of my fashion sense & it also helped me be more free/creative.

I graduated highschool in 2009 but did not look into having a fashion career/business until 2015. Instagram played a huge role in that because without it I probably would have never started my first online boutique “LooksNLabelz”. LooksNLabelz was centered around my closet items (some being labels) & thrift items. I was VERY unaware of how much background work it took to run a online boutique being that I did everything myself down to modeling the clothes. I tried adding people on to help take some weight off of my shoulders but it was still a lot of work trying to rebrand, rebuild and keep people interested. I was inconsistent with it and ended up stopping it in 2017 because LIFE HAPPENS. I found out that it’s actually ok to put a hold on something... WOW!

I always kept it in the back of my mind because I’m always shopping. Shopping for me seems like the garments find me— it has never been hard for me to find bomb piece. 2018 was a blur but 2019 I knew I had to do more with my talents. I began to get reinspired and i don’t even remember what triggered my sudden inspiration but it happened. Labels became so accessible, I gravitated back to the thrift store where pieces are limited. I don’t know if I mentioned it but I really despise blending in with the crowd. Before i created the thriftntell page, I only had the hashtag which did very well the first week i promoted it. The first week that I created the acct it accumulated 1000 new followers which made me realize that people are truly interested in my thrifting ventures. I also create random thrift haul videos for youtube as well, subscribe to my channel if you dare.

I created thriftntell to show people that style is internal & eternal. You don’t have to have on $5000 worth of clothes to look high fashion or draw attention. Not only that but thrifting is far better that going to the mall. I started #Thriftntell hashtag to get people to be more creative. To me, the fashion world has become so cliche & I just craved something more exciting. When thrifting, you never know what you will find so the treasure hunt gets people going! Thriftntell was created to be a daily fashion inspiration for the rich, the middle class, and the low income brackets. If you are creative and want to be featured on my blog/Instagram, use the hashtag #thriftntell so i can find you. If you enjoy vintage pieces and looks, i also offer personal thrift hauls. YES, I WILL SHOP FOR YOU! I will also be hosting ThriftNtell Popup shops in a city near you. My first pop up will be in Norfolk, Virginia on November 17th — you can purchase a vendor table or admission ticket through this link


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